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Reiki is a technique used to provide energy healing. Reiki means universal life force energy. “Rei” meaning universal, and “ki”, meaning life energy.There are over over 113 chakras throughout the body. Using a laying of the hands technique, your practitioner will provide healing to the 7 main chakra points in addition to various others. At a session with Wakeful Seed, you can expect blissful meditation, soothing sounds, and calming fragrances to assist in healing. Many people report immediate feelings of calm, stress, and relaxation. In Reiki, the energy does not come from the practitioner, rather the practitioner utilizes and channels the life force energy around us to support balancing the flow of energy. With Reiki, you can release and accept what you need at the same time. This beautiful technique promotes physical, spiritual and emotional healing that can be felt long after a session.

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