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The best you, is the most authentic you.

The Vision

"Wakeful Seed" was inspired by the thought of a seed within us all. A seed that represents higher consciousness and our birth right to achieve greater peace, understanding, and happiness. With desire and willingness, we can help the seed within grow. As this seed grows, so does our view of ourselves and the world around us. Imagine seeing through an enhanced lens. Through love, patience, stillness, and desire, our future is limitless. The best you is the most authentic you, the most authentic you, is the you that believes in your power. You have a unique and purposeful place in this world. Wakeful Seed can help unlock the power of your mind, to universally connect and enjoy every day with greater presence. 

The opportunity to truly wake up and expand, is available to you.


Evelyn Tormos

Evelyn has a diploma from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute as a Certified Hypnotherapist. She is also a Certified Astrologer, Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master Practitioner. Her studies include the McLean Meditation Institute where she learned several techniques to support internal discovery.

She has practiced meditation for over 10 years and recognizes the mind-body connection and its significance in achieving a greater understanding of ourselves. 

As an intuitive healer and practitioner, Evelyn uses her ability to support others in self-healing and transformation. She believes her life purpose is to serve others and assist with elevating the connection within themselves and beyond. 

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